Terms and Conditions

Important facts for your booking:

If a group has less than 3 participants, we keep the right to merge groups together or to shorten the lessons (e.g. from 4 hours to 2 hours).

A repeated change of instructors is also possible.

We don’t take responsibility for accidents which happen during the ski lessons; the onus is on the participants to have an accident and liability insurance.

Refund of costs in case of injury or illness is only possible with medical certificate. Only days which aren’t used can be refunded.

Course cancellations caused by the weather (act of nature) can’t be replaced. Lessons take part in all weathers. The participants have to care thereself for good equipment and clothing (especially for children). Helmets are required for all participants. No price reduce for additional booking!

Cancellation policy: 

  • 0% - for cancellations until 3 months before course start (exept credit card fees and bank charges will get deducted from the customer)
  • 10% of the total amount - for cancellations until 14 days before course start
  • 35% of the total amount - for cancellations until 04.00 pm 1 day before course start at the latest 
  • 100% - for cancellations after 04.00 pm 1 day before course start 

Courses that aren't canceled the day before until 04.00pm can't be refunded!

The course tickets aren’t transferable. Not used course days expire.

All deliveries and achievements of the ski school which are booked online through the internet or via other online services are part of this terms and conditions.

The classification of the hours and instructors is done by the ski school. A change of the instructor is possible. The course hours for the next day have to be fixed in one of the offices of the ski school (Dorfstraße 34, Dorfstraße 102 or office Giggijoch top station) the day before.  

Terms of the online offer:

The ski school/ski rental (in the following text named “author”) doesn’t take responsibility for actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information.

Liability claims against the author which refer to material or ideational damages, which are caused by usage or disuse of the information or in case of failed usage and incomplete information are excluded if there is no provable premeditated or reckless fault on the part of the author.

All offers are non-binding. The author is also able to change, complete or delete parts of the site or the whole offer without advice. He can also cease the publication.


For direct or indirect reprimands to foreign websites (“links”), which are beyond the area of accountability of the author, there is only a liability obligation, if the author would know about the content and if he would have the technical possibilities to prevent such contents.

The author declares hereby particularly, that there were no recognizable illegal terms on the linked sites at the moment of linking. The author doesn’t have influence to the actual or future designing, the terms or the authorship. So the author distances from all the terms and linked sites which got changed after the linking. This qualifies for the whole links on the internet offer, as well as for foreign entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists.

For illegal, mistakable or incomplete terms and for damages, which emerge in case of usage or disuse only the provider of the website is liable, not the one who linked the site.

Author and Copyright:

The author is strive to consider copyrights of graphic, audio documents, videos and texts in all publications, to use own graphics, audio documents, videos and texts or to take license-free graphics, audio documents, videos and texts. All offers on the internet, defended brands and trademarks are part of the valid copyright.

The copyright for published, from the author self-prepared objects stays at the sites of the author. A proliferation or the usage of such graphics, audio documents, videos and texts is only possible with the agreement of the author.

Booking and reservation of ski- and snowboard courses:

The usage of the ski lifts isn’t included in the ski school prices. The ski school doesn’t give refunds for failures of the ski lifts.

Rental and reservation of ski or snowboard equipment:

The ski school is only the communicator between the clients and the sport shops locally – the contract gets closed between clients and sport merchant. Each client is liable for the properly return of the equipment to the high of the disposal value of the rent product.

The lessor may keep documents (passport, ID, driving license) or a caution. The documents don’t apply as disposal value for the equipment.


Venue, place of delivery and choice of law:

Place of delivery is the central place of the ski school/ski rental. Disputes will be held in the court which is responsible for the central place of the ski school/ski rental. Austrian right applies. The language of the contract is German.

Kids area

The band conveyor is a service from our side, but we are not obliged to use the ban conveyor. It is also possible to teach without carpet.


Contract closing:

Your booking represents an offer to Gstrein Freizeit GmbH – Ski und Bikeschule Ötztal to close a contract. If you make a booking to Gstrein Freizeit GmbH, we’ll send you a mail as confirmation for your booking with all the details (booking confirmation). This confirmation should inform you, that your booking duly received. You’ll get the contract as soon we received your money and you got our second mail (delivery confirmation).